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      Australia's leading off road and 4x4 equipment company, Bushranger, has launched a new range of practical and adaptable heavy-duty vehicle mounted onboard compressor kits capable of providing up to 150psi of air pressure.

  Bushranger has launched two basic On Board Air Kits, the 4WD On Board kit, which is aimed particularly at off roaders and the Commercial On Board Air kit, catering for tradesmen, plant operators, councils and heavy vehicle operators.

  The 4WD On Board Kit comes with a 4.5 litre air tank, a 275c compressor, brass MPT fittings, quality high pressure hose, an on board air hook up kit and can supply up to 150psi air pressure.

  It is ideal for fast tyre inflation, inflating air bag suspension as well as for use as an air blower to clean dust and other debris from radiators and other vital components.

  The Commercial On Board Air Kit comes with a full scale heavy-duty 20 litre -5 port air tank and a 12 volt 400c ViAir compressor capable of supplying 72 litres per minute, enough to power a myriad of pneumatic tools or onboard accessories.

  It provides the sort of power demanded from a stationary workshop compressor with the convenience and utility of vehicle mounting providing high capacity air power no matter where the location and without the availability of 240 volt power.

  Applications for the Commercial On Board kit include powering, air ratchet guns, nail, fitout and staple guns as well as for fast tyre inflation, air bags and particularly as an air blower, which has become important with a lack of water in drought areas.

  The Onboard Air Kits are the new flagships of Bushranger's acclaimed industry-leading range of vehicle air compressors and come with a full kit of fittings including an illuminated dash mounted pressure gauge, 6.1 metres of airline, a 150psi pressure switch, a safety valve, wiring, gauges and mounting hardware.

  The two basic kits can be optioned with additional options including various compressor sizes, pressure switches and matching components to meet specific requirements.

  According to Bushranger national sales manager Evan Black, the Onboard Air Kits answer a strong demand from tradespeople, in particular who require a high capacity air source for using pneumatic tools whether on a building site or at a remote mine site.

  "We set out to come up with a solution to a wide range of demands with a fast and reliable high performance compressor at an affordable price, constructed to Bushranger's exacting quality standards," said Evan Black.

  "They can really turn a work truck into a mobile workshop or give a 4WD added versatility in harsh conditions such as in the deserts of Central Australia where tyre deflation and inflation is often vital for negotiating difficult terrain," he said.

  With high pressure capabilities the Onboard Air Kits enable rapid tyre bead reseating, making tyre repairs easier and faster in remote locations.

  There has also been significant interest from local government operations where compressed air is often needed in remote locations for work crews repairing plant and equipment etc away from the workshop.

  "The air blower capability has also proved attractive for vehicle and machinery cleaning radiators of dirt and vegetation which has become increasingly important in the drought conditions of recent times," he added. "Instead of using precious water supplies for this task the operators are using blowers powered by their onboard air systems to blow off the contaminating seeds and dirt before leaving a work location," Mr Black added.

  "The Onboard Air kits offer a number of benefits including flexibility of operation where 240 volt power is not available, adaptability to the required application, and a cost effective way to provide air on tap anywhere at the flick of a switch," said Mr Black.

  "As well with many areas in Australia suffering drought conditions the mandatory washing down of trucks and equipment moving between properties has become a serious problem, however on board air compressors can be used to overcome the difficulties.

  As a kit all components have been designed and tested to work in unison and meet all required Australian standards

  The Bushranger Onboard Air Kits can operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 deg C and as low as -55 deg C. and is equipped with a thermal cut off switch for added safety and to protect the compressor from damage due to excessive heat during operation.

  The 400c ViAir compressor has a maximum duty cycle of 40 mins at 40 psi at an ambient temperature of 24 deg C while the dry sump design of the compressor allows it to be mounted at any angle in the vehicle.

  The Bushranger Onboard Air kits have been designed and constructed to comply to ISO9002 standards assuring buyers of high quality and performance and come with a full one year warranty.

  "The bottom line is the Bushranger Onboard Air kits offer a range of users the advantages of mobility, adaptability, ease of use and the freedom of being able to complete tasks that would normally need a workshop while on the road," said Mr Black.

  The Bushranger Onboard Air kits are available from leading 4WD and automotive accessory outlets and for details on where to purchase the kit visit www.bushranger.com.au.
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