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Lamberts Centre


Written by | Trekking Downunder, Amy & Ryan Murphy


Capturing a photo of the moment when we realised we had finally made it to the top location of our Australian Bucket List, was truly magical. To some, they would see just a photo at a flagpole out in the bush. But to us, it symbolised a big part of our adventure and the discovery of our new way of life… Reaching something we have been dreaming of for 3 and a half years.

After 15months on the road with our three young sons, living minimally in our 18ft van- travelling mainly Eastern Australia- up, down, across, diagonal, inland, coastal and across the straight, we had finally made it….. To the Geographical Centre of Australia, also known as Lamberts Centre.

With Geographical Coordinates reading Lat 25’ 36’ 36.4” south and Long 134’ 21’ 17.3” east, this iconic location was named in honour of Dr. Bruce Philip Lambert O.B.E for his work and dedication in mapping, surveying, geodesy and cartography on both national and international levels.

I think the energy that a monumental location such as Lamberts Centre brings to you is amplified by the journey to get there. It’s remote, rough and corrugated, its sandy and tight, there are times you need to take the right track in over the left and watch for vehicles heading out, but this is its own cool little adventure. The track conditions are not everyone’s cup of tea- I don’t know of many other families who love the red dirt and bulldust so much they plan the majority of their entire itinerary off the blacktop, but for us, the scenery we get to see is everything we love. The outback trees are not lush green and flowering the prettiest colours, they are dry bushy looking old plants but with cool twists, awkward bends and tonnes of history.

The dirt is red and the dust is plentiful as it makes it way almost metaphorically into your veins. The tracks into Lambert’s are sandy, windy and at times require considerable forethought and great concentration, but the weaving and vibrations of the corrugations are what we have come to accept as normal and we love a good challenge that tests both car and driver but also our off-road van.

I think what made this whole bucket list experience so perfect was that we, or should I say Ryan was able to tow into Lambert’s our extremely capable Australian Offroad van. Having the place all to ourselves as we rolled in and then being able to camp in luxury was the cherry on top.


The track into the Centre is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and its 4WD Only for a good reason. Be prepared with everything you need in the event of an emergency or breakdown.


I think I can truly say this about Lamberts Geographical Centre of Australia…

“The magic is real, you may enter with curiosity and uncertainty, but you shall depart somewhat changed and rather in love with the idea of what has been achieved by your visit”….. I know we all were.









Useful Links/Notes:

  • Head over to Trekking Downunder’s Social pages to follow their adventures.
  • Important Note: As of March 16 2014 sand flags are a requirement to drive in the Simpson Desert. Sand flags must be 300x290mm in size, made of fluorescent materials, and the flag must be 3.5m off the ground. For communications, scanning UHF CB channel 10 for approaching vehicles is another precautionary rule to abide by for safety going over dunes.



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