Night Hawk Light Bars





Hot on the heels of the award-winning Night Hawk VLI Series 9″ LED Driving Lights, comes the VLI Series Single Row LED Light Bars. The same great slim-line design of its predecessor, however a serious performance upgrade, now with an 82% increase in effective lumens on average across the range, yielding large distance and width gains @1lux — a whopping 963m distance @ 1 lux on the 51” bar.


The VLI [Variable Light Intensity] lights give you the ability to control the night with brightness control. An 8 setting, 0-100% light intensity, gives you the power to adjust light output to suit your conditions, all controlled by our pioneering, relay-free VLI series wiring system, which is the first of its kind, and leads the way with simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over traditional systems. It’s not uncommon for us to hear why would you ever want to dim the lights, however,  being so bright, I’m sure you will find so many reasons; such as driving into a campsite at night, reducing the glare and reflection off street signs or adjusting the brightness of your work light setups.


Create your own beam pattern – Each 13” to 51” light bar can be set up for full spot, full flood or any combo in between, just mix and match the supplied covers for ultimate versatility. The 5.5” Light Bar is a complete work light – with flood and diffused covers included, or run with no cover for a long distance spot beam.


We offer a range of accessories, including wiring, wiring accessories, tube clamp brackets and protective covers. Our comprehensive collection of covers includes spot, flood and diffused, available in clear, black, blue [improved visibility in snowy conditions] and orange [improves visibility in dusty and foggy conditions].


The VLI Series light bars have been developed from the ground up by our team of engineers to offer a compact and low-profile design which takes performance, looks and usability to a whole new level. The clean, modern aesthetic incorporates quality materials and construction and provides a unique and versatile mounting system that makes installation a breeze.


Backed by a 5 year warranty and our 40+ year history of supplying quality engineered 4×4 products to the Australian market.


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