Night Hawk Driving Lights have been lighting the way since 2007, offering market-leading performance from the early years of Halogen and HID technology to the more recent, efficient and highly versatile LED technology.

Launching the first driving light with Variable Light Intensity (VLI) control in 2019, we set a new standard for the industry to follow. Jump forward to today and the VLI lights now make up just one part of the new Night Hawk Variable Series range. With electronically adjustable light intensity standard across the range, and options available for electronic colour temperature and beam pattern adjustment, you now have control like never before.

As with all Bushranger 4X4 products, these are engineered tough to withstand the rugged outdoor terrain and harsh Aussie climate. They are backed by a 5-year warranty and our 40+ year history of supplying quality engineered 4X4 products to the Australian market.

The high-performance Night Hawk Variable Series LED Driving Lights offer industry-leading technology and user control. Consisting of three model variants, they unlock more options to suit the driver’s individual needs when tackling their next adventure. The Bushranger 4X4 team has put user-controlled lighting at the forefront of development, with the ability to choose the optimum settings to suit an individual’s visual preference and adjust to the environment around them. Innovative design sets these lights apart from the rest.

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Driving at night or in adverse weather presents all sorts of challenges, that having the optimum light output to best suit your vision and the ever-changing conditions around you is key to improving your driving experience. It’s no longer about having the brightest lights on the market; it’s all about control, to gain the most effective lighting for your situation.

Too much light can be detrimental to clear vision, as can too little. Similarly, an overly focused beam in the bush or an overly spread beam on the straights does little to improve the night driving experience. Throw in there a range of optimum colour characteristics for different environmental scenarios and you have all the variables that need to work together in harmony to produce the optimum light output for the given conditions. Effective lighting is the refinement of all of these variables to produce a light output that maximises your vision for any night driving condition.

Taking control of these variables is the key to achieving the optimum light output for your needs. Combining tremendous light output with the ability to adjust on the fly to suit the conditions as they change, you have never had such a high level of control over your night driving vision.

The Night Hawk Variable Series driving lights are available in 3 distinct models which offer differing levels of control. The Variable Light Intensity (VLI) model is dedicated to providing maximum light output while offering a full range of brightness control at the turn of a dial. The VLI functionality flows into the next two models, Variable Beam Pattern (VBP) and Variable Colour Temperature (VCT), which offer the unique ability to not only adjust the brightness but also alter their beam pattern or colour temperature, respectively. All this whilst still maintaining a high level of light performance and all controlled by you at the turn of the dials.

VLI Control the light intensity from high to low with 7 settings + OFF

VBP Control the Beam pattern from Flood beam to Spot beam in 8 settings + full VLI control

VCT Control the Colour Temperature from 3000K (Warm White) to 6000K (Daylight) in 8 settings + full VLI control

There are many factors that can contribute to less-than-optimal lighting scenarios, but the Variable Series lights can be used to take control of the situation and maximise your effective night driving vision. Common scenarios include:

  • Highly reflective signage on highways – dial the brightness down, alter your colour temperature or beam pattern to reduce flare back.
  • Dense or winding bush tracks – dial your brightness down, go warmer on your colour temperature or modify your beam pattern for increased clarity.
  • Clear nights, long outback highways – dial your lights up to max brightness, cool down your colour temperature or go full spot beam pattern for the maximum throw down the road.
  • Adverse weather, heavy fog, dusty conditions – dial your brightness down, warm up your colour temperature to 3000K or go full flood beam pattern to maximise penetration through the air particles.


Designed in Australia for our harsh and rugged conditions, our Variable Series driving lights have been proven time and time again, through rigorous lab and field testing, as well as real-world vehicle use in some of the toughest environments our country has to offer.

The LED’s sit within a strong, pressure die-cast aluminium housing coated with a durable, UV stable AkzoNobel powder coat.  Supplied with all mounting hardware, the driving lights are attached by adjustable 4mm thick stainless steel brackets. The hard-coated polycarbonate lens offers long term scratch resistance ensuring maximum optical efficiency and are supplied with optional protective covers for those who want that extra protection in harsh environments.

Meeting IP67 and IP69K dust and water ingress standards provide you with the confidence to utilise high-pressure cleaners and traverse deep river crossing without concern of water seepage. Passing tough SAE J575 – Shock/Vibration testing standards further proves the robust construction that will keep you lighting the way no matter what your adventure throws at you.


Setting themselves apart from the competition with user-control at the forefront of their design has by no means come at the cost of light performance. The Night Hawk Variable Series lights are still some of the most powerful and highest performing driving lights available on the market. Shortly after their release in 2018, the 9” VLI’s won 4X4 Australia’s light of the year award and positioned themselves as the leader of the pack. The VBP and VCT follow in these same footsteps, offering never before seen control while maintaining a high level of light performance and output.


Comparing the key performance criteria for the 3 models shows that the VLI’s are the clear performance king. However, the functionally superior VCT and VBP lights still hold their own and produce a consistent, high output no matter which beam or colour temperature setting is selected. This means the light is always running at its maximum potential brightness in every setting, so you are not compromising light output when adjusting the colour temperature or beam pattern of the lights.


Maximum Values VLI VBP VCT
Power (Single Light) 175W 170W 170W
Effective Lumens (Single Light) 13,700 lm 10,800 lm 11,400 lm
Distance @ 1lux (Pair) 1486m 939m 974m

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With the highest lumens and 1lux distance in the Variable series range, the VLI allows you to hold the power and take control. The user-controlled light intensity feature gives you the ability to adjust the brightness level to suit your preferred output and the conditions, then adjust on the fly.

Technical Overview
  • 37x Genuine OSRAM ‘5W’ LED’s per light
  • 175W output per light
  • 13,700 effective lumens per light / 27,400 for a pair of lights
  • 1486m @ 1lux for a pair of lights
  • Colour Temperature: 5700K
  • 72 CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
  • Single dial controller: Light intensity control
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Ideal for adverse weather and environmental conditions, improve your vision, clarity, and reduce glare with the Variable Colour Temperature option. A high performing LED driving light with complete control of the colour temperature and light intensity output from the driver’s seat. You are no longer locked into a setting that works well in some conditions, but not others.

Technical Overview
  • 36x Genuine CREE ’10W’ LED’s per light
  • 170W output per light
    • Consistent power output in all colour settings
  • 11,400 effective lumens per light / 22,880 for a pair of lights
  • 974m @ 1lux for a pair of lights
  • Colour Temperature: 3000K to 6000K
  • 82 CRI to 72 CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
  • Dual dial backlit controller: Light intensity and Colour temperature control
VLI Combo Logo_white-59

Whether you’re on the open road, amongst dense bush or winding through the tracks, the Variable Beam Pattern option allows you to direct the light to where you need it, and adjust it to suit any terrain that you encounter. A continuation of the innovative user control showcased in our VLI lights, the VBP gives you greater control with the ability to transition from a spot beam to a flood beam at the turn of a dial.

Technical Overview
  • 36x Genuine CREE ’10W’ LED’s per light
  • 170W output per light
    • Consistent power output in all beam settings
  • 10,800 effective lumens per light / 21,600 for a pair of lights
  • 939m @ 1lux for a pair of lights
  • Colour Temperature: 5700K
  • 72 CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
  • Dual dial backlit controller: Light intensity and Beam pattern control