OEM Style Switches

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Offering OEM level quality and integration to the vehicle’s interior, the Night Hawk OEM Style Switches simply click into the factory switch blank locations and are provided with connectors and wiring to plug directly into our Night Hawk Wiring Looms, replacing the standard mouse style universal switch. Featuring laser etched graphics on the face of the switches allowing light to shine through, and available in three different designs, the Night Hawk OEM Style Light Switches are purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle and suit a wide range of auxiliary lighting applications.


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Offering OEM quality fit and finish, the Night Hawk OEM Style Light Switches fit perfectly into specific dash or console switch blanks on a wide range of vehicles. Whilst they can be made to fit any custom wiring installation, the switches have been specifically designed to offer plug and play compatibility with Night Hawk Wiring Looms, without the need to pick up on any extra power feeds or earth points for lighting functionality. Available in 3 styles to suit Driving Lights, Light Bars or Work Lights, and backlit in colours matching factory interior lighting (where possible), a professional OEM grade switch installation is now simple, quick and hassle free.


Install your entire lighting system without cutting or splicing into the vehicles factory wiring, by combining any Night Hawk OEM Style Switch with a Night Hawk Wiring Loom and vehicle specific High-Beam Adaptor (sold separately).


  • Vehicle specific, OEM quality, push button (latching) operation
  • Simple, clip in fitment to factory switch blank areas (no cutting required)
  • Supplied as a single switch including wired mating plug with bullet connectors and instructions
  • Plug and play compatibility with NHW300DT and NHW600DTP wiring looms
  • Suitable for 12V installations, max current rating through switch is 3A.
  • Each switch has two independent lighting circuits:
    • Backlight – illuminates independently of switch ON/OFF position
    • Activation Light – illuminates only when switch is in ON position


When a switch is connected to a Night Hawk wiring loom, the lighting within the switch functions as follows:

Vehicle High Beam OFF + Switch OFF or ON Vehicle High Beam ON + Switch OFF Vehicle High Beam ON + Switch ON
Backlight OFF Backlight ON Backlight ON
Activation Light OFF Activation Light OFF Activation Light ON



Instruction Manual

Switch Application Guide

Wiring Diagram