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Review | Safety Flag


We know our Bushranger Safety Flags are top notch, after-all we have been selling them forever. Don’t take our word for it though Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventure recently completed an independent review on the Bushranger Safety Flag during a recent trip to the desert, to check out the article grabs a copy of Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventure, issue 37 at your nearest newsagent or click here to read the article. You’ll also be able to see some great footage in use on Series 11 of the television show on channel 10, now showing on Sunday afternoons.


featuring a robust connector to withstand our environmental challenges.

Recently we upgrade the connector, to ensure that the unit could stand up to the harsh Australia conditions.

The Bushranger® Safety Flag kit promotes visibility and safety and designed for outback Australia. Highly visible at 30 x 29cm in fluorescent orange with reflective cross tape, it can be mounted at multiple heights up to 3m making is extremely versatile.

It’s engineered tough with heavy duty quick connectors, a solid 3 piece fibreglass pole, stainless steel threaded joints, and chrome plated mounting hardware. Easy to install, remove and compactly packs away in the provided bag when not in use. Spare parts and accessories are available.


RRP :$126.50

Part Number: SF02A

NOTE: Designed to meet the South Australian safety flag requirements for use in the Flinders Ranges and the Simpson Desert.





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