We’re mad about 4×4 here, and we have a team of passionate people creating 4×4 gold!

At Kingsley we are here to help in any way we can, we understand that you need your gear to stand up and take it. That’s why all our products are designed and engineered in Australia by our team, everything we do is tried and tested. It’s built to stand up to the harsh Australian terrain, you can trust us to get you there and back home again.

We understand that accidents and faults happen, and we recognise customer service extends beyond the purchase of your product. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you get back to it as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our customer care line is available during business hours on 1800 654 767.

I’d like to share some feedback from Paul & Merle.

Paul & Merle have been enjoying the open road since 1998, touring every Australian state and clocking up over 200,000 + kilometres along the way.

Paul recently contacted us, after owning a Bushranger compressor for many years, which he’d received excellent performance and reliability from. When it was time to upgrade he headed straight to another Bushranger compressor, after another 10 years of service the legs has cracked on the frame. Paul called us to see what could be done, he was pleasantly surprised by the aftermarket service provided by our knowledgeable team member, Darren. Paul was quickly provided information and sent parts to replace the unit. Paul was so happy that he took the time to tell us about it, and it brought a smile to a bunch on passionate Bushrangers!

Kingsley strives to make your journey as a Bushranger hassle free and enjoyable as possible, and if you find that we are not living up to our promise please contact us for a chat.

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