X-Trax II in Action


Check out the Bushranger X-Trax II in Action on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Dean Miller from Campr puts the Bushranger X-Trax II to the test in a soft sand recovery situation.

Bushranger X-Trax II is engineered for maximum strength and traction, and while they work a treat in the sand, they are also useful in snow and mud terrain.  Designed to bend, flex and grip to the tyre treads as much as possible. Made from heavy-duty rubber, and galvanised steel cables and fittings, at 1.4 metres long, and 30cm wide, these are sold in pairs in a durable carry wrap.

X Trax II is very versatile, especially for caravanners. The X Trax II can be used as a leveller for caravans, camper trailers, as a shower mat, a dampener, doormat, extended tracks and plenty of other camping hacks. So whilst you may be purchasing, as a just-in-case recovery item, they could come in handy for so much more.


Part No | 54X07

RRP | $225.50 pair

Website Link https://bushranger.com.au/product/x-trax-ii/