Celebrating 40 Years!

Hi, Louise here I’m the Marketing Manager at Kingsley Enterprises. I’m fairly new to the 4×4 accessories, and automotive aftermarket business. But that’s ok because, at Kingsley HQ, I’m surrounded by a team of passionate Bushrangers who love this business, that have contributed to its success for 40 years. Did you know we have over 15 staff members that have been here longer than 10 years! So I guess that gives you a bit of insight what it’s like to work here, you never leave.

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The team is always getting asked by our friends and family what it’s like to work here? Are there perks? Do you get to 4WD for work? Well, the answer is YES, YES, & YES! Follow us on Facebook, or join our mailing list. I’ll be happy to share some stories from our engineers, sales and maybe even the General Manager from time to time. Some of them get up to some pretty cool stuff whilst “WORKING”, perhaps we’ll even share job opportunities.

40 years, it’s a huge achievement. Russell Fox the original owner, started Kingsley Enterprises back in 1977, he had a vision, a love of automotive and a market in desperate need of aftermarket accessories. I’m told Russell had a thirst for innovation, and his passion to deliver to consumer wants, made him a pioneer in the OEM and automotive industry. Russell started out in Windows, I’m told the first product they ever sold was louver windows for Kombi Vans. That led into “Supervent” windows, van windows, stepboards, and 4×4 wheel covers.

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The Bushranger brand was born a little later, around 1994. The brand was developed by Russell, and the first ever CEO Vince Williamson’s love for the open road and a gap in the market for quality engineered equipment. Australia has some pretty harsh terrain, and the climate can be quite diverse. Not just any accessories will do, and today we still believe this and engineer and develop all our products locally by our internal team.

Over the years, the Kingsley and Bushranger brands have got a little tired and weathered, like any other 40 years old. But rest assured, this 40 year old is getting a lift. A fresh new look, and a new perspective on life. Our team is hard at work, the engineers are revamping some of our best sellers, designing a few new soon to be sellers. I’m giving this brand a shiny new look, updating our website and working on some great giveaways to keep you up to date and happy. So be sure to get social with us, join the conversation, be a Bushranger. Get out and about, we attend most 4×4 shows, under the ARB tent. Come say hi to Craig or Julian, hit them up for some information and perhaps they swing you a Bushranger cap or stubby holder.

Rest assured when purchasing from Kingsley and Bushranger that, we’ve done the work to ensure it meets your expectations, we’ve been doing this for 40 years.

Be a Bushranger join the conversation at facebook.com/bushranger4x4gear.

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