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Engineered Local

We’re mad about 4×4 here, and we have a team of passionate people creating 4×4 gold!

At Kingsley, we are here to help in any way we can. We understand that you need your gear to stand up and take it. That’s why all our products are designed and engineered in Australia by our team and, everything we do is tried and tested. Our products are built to stand up to the harsh Australian terrain, you can trust us to get you there and back home again.

Let’s meet a few of our residential Bushranger project Engineers that design and test our products:

David, also known as Bambi has been with us for over 5 years. He’s not a 4×4 junkie like our other engineers, but he is into anything mechanical. When he’s not working he’s building and driving race cars, go-karting, dirt biking or tinkering on cars just to get the blood pumping.

David, has pretty much worked on every product in our range and when asked to pick a favourite product he’s engineered, he chooses the Bushranger NightHawk LED lights and he’s now working on some next-generation LED lights that will blow your mind.

Adam, better known as Greeny or Thumper has been with us for 2 years but has been in the industry a lot longer. He had a great love of Lego Technic when he was a kid, and always knew he was going to do something mechanical. He started dreaming of Architecture but was lured into mechanical engineering because of his love of the inner mechanical workings.

Adam is a 4×4 junkie, driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series which he describes as a pig with lipstick, but he loves it none the less and has modified and customised it his liking. Only 25+ modifications, that’s not too many right?

He loves getting away with mates and, he’s a fan of the longer trips. He has done Cape York twice and is looking at the VIC High Country and Canning Stock Route as 4×4 bucket list trips.

When I asked Adam about his favourite product he’s engineered, he told me he can’t tell me, it’s too top secret, I guess it’s a case of watch this space!

Finally for today, I’ve kept our Nuttiest engineer to last… meet Neville AKA Nifty. 25+ years as an engineer, and a big kid who loves adventure, he’s the ultimate outdoorsman. This family man loves the journey. He purchased his first 4×4 over 40 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. He has traveled every inch of Australia, and on one of his year-long travels, he spent 3 months in Cape York, just exploring. Neville is constantly on the move and along with his 4×4 addiction he’s also an active member of the Scouts, teaching the next generation. He also loves to bushwalk, canoe, white-water kayak, scuba, ski and camp.


Neville has engineered some pretty cool stuff in his time. He once designed and, tested a special purpose automated “swaging and welding cell” used to manufacturer rock bolts used in mines and tunnels. Today he works on a wide variety of projects. He loves being an engineer, building an idea, designing, testing and seeing it ready for someone out there to enjoy.

Did I mention Neville’s dream 4×4 is a Toyota Hilux Tonka, conceptual at this stage but he’s got his fingers crossed.

Rest assured when purchasing from Bushranger that, we’ve done the work to ensure it meets your expectations. If it doesn’t contact us. We are human, we are Australian, we are Bushrangers.

Be a Bushranger and join the conversation at

Team BR.




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