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You only get one dad in life, so why not show him how much you care this Father’s Day with something he’ll love…  Whether your dad is a camper, off-road rookie, seasoned tourer or anything in-between, there are plenty of ideas on our website so take your time, choose a gift and make your dad happy this Father’s Day.

There are so many cool gifts you can get dad however what makes it perfect is when you actually pay attention to what he wants or needs:

Has your dad been going on about that new compressor or how he really should replace that snatch strap or something that he keeps talking about and does not have? Well that’s where you should start.


Here’s some of our top sellers over the father’s day season to get you started:


Tyre Deflators

The purpose of these is to be able to lower the pressure in all tyres at once to a set PSI. If your Dad doesn’t own some then this is a great gift, even if he does, he won’t be upset with having another.

RRP | $31.90



Car Mats

If you’re thinking, “Floor Mats. Footwell protection. Who cares?” But, your Dad will care. A footwell area protects the carpet from the dust, snow, and mud outside world that gets tracked in by your shoes. But it also eliminates water seeping through to the floor pan and creating rust. Vehicle protection is perfect for a man that loves his rig!

RRP | From $15.00 (Dirt Blocka, Mud Tamer | front, rear models available)



If your dads been really good … or you’ve been really bad then a brand new compressor might be the ticket. We have three models with varying features to choose from, starting at $120 to $350 RRP. Engineered and designed with quick and easy in mind.  All our compressors are high quality and backed with a 5 year warranty.

RRP | $120 to $350


Tyre Repair Kit

Anything can happen when offroading or driving about for that matter. A Tyre tyre repair kit is an essential kit for any car. Repairs puncture caused by nails, spikes or other road debris, without having to remove the tyre from the wheel. Could come in really handy and get dad out of a real bind.

RRP | $39


Quick Step

A handy little item mainly used to safely access your vehicle roof; washing the car or loading the roof racks, but also makes a great seat or coffee table. Easy to install and use, and takes up to 150kg weight.

RRP | $79.95


Ground Sheet

If dad’s an avid camper, then this could be the perfect gift. A practical item that you can never have too many of. A breathable ground sheet shields the grass from damage and aids to help keep the campsite cleaner. This beauty is mould, rot proof, and UV stable and measures: 2400mm (L) x 2500mm (W).

RRP | $99


Snatch Strap

Snatch straps need to be replaced just as often as undies… If you don’t you open yourself up to all sorts of breakouts. You see, even a small imperfection, add a little strain and you could be set for disaster. Check dad’s strap for nicks, pulled fibres, abrasions, or dirt and debris stuck in the fibres. If it’s not looking so good, then you’ve found the perfect gift!

RRP | starting at $69


Portable Gas Hot Water Shower

A camping luxury for the whole family not just dad, but dad will appreciate a happy family. Instant hot water wherever you go. Takes only a few minutes to set up, instant hot water from a water source of your choice. Great for camping, caravanning, 4×4 driving, boating or even needing to wash the animals, this portable gas hot water shower is a quick and easy solution to having the creature comforts of home. If your dad already has a shower, have you thought about upgrading the pump to a High Flow Pump Kit, we also have these available.

RRP | $295


If you don’t see anything here that suits, have a look around our website for more ideas. To locate your nearest Bushranger 4×4 Gear stockist.

Father’s Day Is On Sunday, September 2 2018.


Be a Bushranger!

Cheers, BR.



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