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Kingsley Side Steps


Kingsley Stepboard Advert, 1989.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing side steps since 1980, experienced and with the widest selections of vehicle-mounted side steps for old and new vehicles; SUV’s, Utes and 4×4. Today our catalogue extends to 25 different vehicle brands, 86 models resulting in over 500+ side steps.


Side steps are not always a top priority when modifying vehicles. Perhaps it should be after all the sill can be the most expensive area to repair. Side steps offer a robust barrier from stones, mud or whatever else the wheels throw up, protecting your vehicle from damage. For the SUV’s easy access for the kids or elderly, reaching roof racks or washing the car.  Or perhaps it’s all about the look, each model incorporates modern styling and a superior anodised or powder coat finish to enhance the vehicle appearance with sleek finished side steps.


Our Steps are all designed and engineered by our in-house team of engineers in Australia, for each vehicle, ensuring a snug fit, maintain ground clearance, load tested for strength and SRS side curtain airbag complaint. Safety is always highly considered; our side steps feature a carefully designed rear kickboard that is contoured to match the sill panel and remove the risk of injury by closing this gap.


Side Steps such as the Stepboard, Integra, and Black Integra’s are still made onsite in our Ingleburn, New South Wales factory to order. Depending on the vehicle lead times can be as little as a week turnaround. Installation is easy, with clear detailed instructions, some vehicles don’t even require drilling. We have an extensive network of stockist/fitters through-out Australia to assist you if required.


In the range today we have four great designs to choose from, each offering a different look for your vehicle:


Kingsley Stepboards

Pricing | $570.00 – $695.00 RRP
Warranty | 5 Years
Click for availability | Vehicle Selection Tool 



Built to last, made from bright anodised aluminium locally sourced in Australia, with full-length grip tape. Benefit easy non-slip vehicle access, while offering a long-lasting durable finish.


Kingsley Integra Side Steps or Black Integra Side Steps

Integra Pricing | $695.00 – $900.00 RRP
Black Integra Pricing | $745.00 – $924.00 RRP [Note: Any Integra Side Step can be made as a Black Integra Side Step on request.]
Warranty | 5 Years
Click for availability | Vehicle Selection Tool 



Built to last, made from anodised aluminium step sourced locally in Australia and zinc plated brackets. Integra Steps benefit easy non-slip vehicle access, whilst offering a long-lasting durable finish that will increase your vehicles resale value and overall appearance. Individual step pads featured on these Integra Steps help protect the finish. Available in black powder coat to offer an alternative ‘on-trend’ look.


Kingsley Rogue Side Steps

Pricing | $895.00 RRP
Warranty | 3 Years
[Note: In-stock no lead time for manufacturing.]
Click for availability | Vehicle Selection Tool 



Offering an alternative to the traditional alloy step boards, the Rogue’s step pad design features an aggressive configuration to ensure a perfect grip no matter the condition. Made from heavy-duty steel construction with heavy-duty steel brackets. The step is coated with high-grade polyester powder coat in a textured matt black finish for an on-trend look. Steps Pads are bolted on for easy removal if a detailed clean is required. 



Kingsley offers up to 5 Year Warranty on Side Steps and an Australian customer service team for assistance in fitment, replacement parts and warranty. You are more than welcome to give us a call to help you find a solution for your vehicle, give us a call on 1800 654 767 [Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.00pm].


What are you waiting for, check out our vehicle selection tool to see if we have availability for your vehicle. Prices start at $570 rrp. To locate your nearest stockist click here>>






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