User-Controlled. High Performance. Superior Design.

Designed and engineered in Australia for our tough and rugged environments. The innovative leader in auxiliary 4X4 lighting, Bushranger 4X4 introduced the first-ever Night Hawk back in 2007. From Halogen to HID technologies, to the highly versatile LED technology of today, Night Hawk Lights continue to redefine the market.
AI PC. 4x4

Driving Lights

Combine tremendous power with unmatched versatility with a set of Night Hawk Driving Lights. Engineered from the ground up with user control at the forefront, Night Hawk Lights offer a truly unique design, taking performance, aesthetics and usability to a whole new level.

Light Bars

Hold the power to light up the dark with our single row Night Hawk light bars. Utilising our unique Variable Light Intensity control and available in a large range of sizes, you have the flexibility in fitment and control. Supplied with light modifying covers you can create the beam pattern that you desire.


Make installation simple with our range of Plug & Play connectors. Take control of your lights and go relay-free with a Night Hawk Wiring System. The Plug & Play modular design provides versatility whilst reducing installation time compared to traditional wiring installs.


Browse our range of light accessories, from vehicle mounting solutions to our range of protective light covers. Grab a set of our Amber Driving Light Covers for your next night adventure or mount your light bar with a set of our Tube clamps and light up your night.