Night Hawk VBP Series Wiring System


RRP: $89.00

Part Number: NHW20VBP

The Night Hawk VBP Wiring Kit provides a platform for gaining complete control over your Variable Beam Pattern LED Driving Lights. With modern, electronically controlled technology, you can alter your brightness and beam pattern at the turn of a dial.



The Bushranger Night Hawk VBP Wiring System has been pushed to the edge by developing the first dedicated auxiliary light wiring system; incorporating relay free switching with brightness and beam pattern control functionality. What does this mean? Simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over the traditional plug and play wiring loom. The commonly used automotive 12V relay is removed entirely and replaced with modern transistor switching, which is built into the light and the control module. Each light is powered directly from the battery, rather than through a relay, meaning there are no power restrictions for the wiring system, which is a common limitation with traditional relay-based wiring looms. Up to 4 x Night Hawk VBP driving lights can be controlled by 1 wiring system.


Specs & Performance

Wiring System Specifications

Voltage Range: 10 – 30V DC

Controller: Backlit with two rotary control dials and mounting cradle

Light Intensity Control: 8 x brightness settings (0% – 100%)

Beam Pattern Control: 8 x beam pattern settings (Full Spot, 6x Combo, Full Flood))

Light Capacity (as supplied): Connect and control 2 x VBP Series lights simultaneously

Light Capacity (MAX): Connect and control up to 4 x VBP Series lights simultaneously (additional lights & control leads sold separately)


Product Features 

    • Modern electronically switched wiring system offers a simpler, more reliable and smarter alternative to regular relay-based wiring harnesses.
    • ‘Plug & Play’ modular design provides versatility to suit any vehicle and reduces installation time compared to traditional wiring harness installs.
    • Works with all Bushranger Night Hawk VBP Series Lights with no limitation on the power rating of each light.
    • The wiring system, as supplied, controls up to 2 x lights. Capacity to control up to 4 x VLI Series lights simultaneously with the use of additional control leads (sold separately).
    • PWM brightness control offers 7 x brightness settings at the turn of a dial.
    • Soft Start Programming reduces eye fatigue by ramping up the brightness within the first second of operation.
    • Automatic Polarity Detection simplifies connection into the high beam circuit and works on positive and negatively switched vehicles.
    • Plug & Play headlight adaptors, fuse taps and additional control leads are available separately.

Important Fitment Note: Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Jeep Wrangler Vehicles. Click here.

Important Fitment Note: VBP Control Plug Connections. Click here

Bushranger Night Hawk VBP System Wiring Diagram


  • Read owner’s manual for care & safety instructions.
  • The VLI Series lights should be fitted by a qualified automotive technician.

Owners Manual | Night Hawk VBP Series Wiring System