Winch Control Plug Relocation Kit

RRP: $32.93

Part Number: RWRA014

The Bushranger® Winch Control Plug Relocation Kit allows for the winch remote socket to be positioned away from the control pack.

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The Bushranger® Winch Control Plug Relocation Kit is perfect for those with a control box inside a bumper replacement bullbar or hidden away. The 1m cable allows for the remote mounting of the winch controller plug either on your bumper or inside your engine bay.

Take the stress away when out on the track with the simple solution to plugging in your wired controller and focus on the adventure ahead.


Kit includes Includes:

1m cable length

1 x Powdercoated mounting bracket

2 x M5 x 15mm Hex Head Stainless Bolts

2 x M5 Nyloc Nuts

2 x M5 x 10mm Washers

3 x 150mm Cable Ties


Download: Winch Extension Installation Instructions & images


  1. Remove the 4 x Philips head screws (and set them aside) that hold the control box cover to the control box backing plate
  2. Remove the screws that hold the control plug wires to the contactor. Make note of what colour wire goes to what location.
  3. Undo the backing nut on the control plug and discard the plug assembly.
  4. Install new extended control box plug by feeding through the hole in the control box where the original plug was removed.
  5. Connect the corresponding coloured wires from the extended control plug to the contactor
  6. Mount the angle bracket somewhere convenient either in the vehicle’s grille, under bonnet etc.
  7. Test operation by plugging in the wired hand controller