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The Real REVO







It’s been one year since we delivered the first Bushranger REVO winch. With the support of our fantastic dealers, it has surpassed our expectations and vindicated the decisions we took to ensure we designed a reliable & robust product.

Our guiding principle when we designed, developed & tested the Bushranger REVO winch was to deliver a product that was built for a purpose, not to a price. This meant we made some critical decisions to ensure we delivered a reliable and robust product that delivered great performance.

First, we decided that no existing motor could deliver the performance we wanted.  A custom-designed and up spec’d 12V motor needed to be developed. It needed to work harmoniously with the gearbox to achieve the correct line pull with the low current draw and fast line speeds that we desired. After four design iterations and multiple bench tests of each, we ended up with a relatively compact, highly efficient motor using premium materials, and mated it to a customised, strong and durable, 4 stage gearbox boasting oversized gears built with precision and made from premium material. Sure, we could have done it cheaper, but we were determined not to compromise performance and reliability!

Then we decided we couldn’t have a winch that used the cheap and nasty in-drum braking systems so common in today’s cheap and nasty winches. Instead, we went with a unique gearbox mounted, proportional friction brake system. This has two significant advantages over these inferior spring braking systems:

  • There is no build-up of heat in the drum of the winch, thus avoiding the nasty experience of melting the winch rope.
  • The winch can power out the rope under no-load without any wear on the braking system. This means quicker & easier setup for recoveries and no more battles trying to pull the winch rope out manually.

We also knew how busy dealer workshops can be, so we wanted a winch that was easier to fit. That’s why the Bushranger REVO winch has a gearbox with 16 clockable positions, a motor with three clockable positions and a control box that provides three mounting options. It also comes with all the cabling necessary to fit the winch; no expensive and time-consuming supplementary fitting kits necessary with the REVO.

Finally, we knew we had to really test the Bushranger REVO winch before it was released to the market. So that’s what we did; we tested it, we tested it again and again and again and again, in both real-world & controlled environments. We also took the opportunity to test competitor products under the same conditions. One caught fire (truly), another’s rope broke (twice) at less than half its rated capacity and we exposed line speed claims as myths. We proved that REVO was far superior to the cheap and nasty winches and better than winches twice it’s price!


Bushranger REVO winch; Built for a purpose not to a price!





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