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Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series LED Driving Lights | by Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures Magazine

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Bushranger LED Excerpt from the article:

Right from the get-go, I’d not suggest these lights are the overall brightest I’ve ever seen, as in how far down the track they can shine. Nup, there are others that can lay their sabre-like sword of light well beyond the Bushrangers, for what that is worth! I, for one, don’t really see the value of a narrow beam shining brightly over one kilometre in front of a 4X4. Sure, it may look good on college essay paper to have a light reading of 1 lux beyond any reasonable useable distance, but I’d rather my lights show more light at half that distance to allow me to read the road, and spot wildlife both on and to the wide-spread parts of a road. Doing that with a non-vibrating light body, that can be easily mounted and adjusted, can simply and effectively alter its beam pattern and can fit into my bull bar is of more importance to me.

The long-distance penetration of the spot beam is, however, reduced (which is to be expected), but the widespread of useable light is incredible. I’ll be putting up a heap of backroad kays trialling one of each light beam (spot and spread) plus two spots and even two spreads to see which is the better option for a variety of driving situations – highspeed open roads, tight and twisty bush tracks, low-range low-speed driving, and even some beach driving, which really tests a light ability with few objects to shine on.

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